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I have been involved with the markets since 10th grade. I became a licensed series 7 broker in 1991. I have worked for some of the most successful firms on wall street. Gruntal & Co, Oppenheimer & Co, and Charles Schwab just to name a few. My expertise is in investment banking however I have worked in almost every area of the brokerage business and therefore have a thorough knowledge of finance, economics, money, trading, corporate finance, personal financial management, retirement planning and wealth management & accumulation. I am lucky to have been involved with some of the most successful deals of the past 2 decades including Starbucks, Yahoo, Ebay, BET, King World Entertainment, Amazon and countless others at there inceptions through either IPO's, secondary offerings and private placements. I have raised over $500 million in my career for IPO's, Private Placements and Private Accounts. I am excited about teaching now that I have retired from my business. It allows me to stay engaged and give something back as I feel tremendously blessed to have had my professional experience. I just hope to be able to help people grasp the complexities of finance to enrich their lives for the better.

"I know it's a dream but I honestly feel like if we teach people how to succeed in making money in the stock market we can cut a big chunk out of poverty and level the playing field of life.

"Harvell Floyd Jr.

The Art of Raising Capital: How to raise money over the phone is a system that can be used by a wide range of people to accomplish the mission of raising money for any project, idea, invention or anything possible that you can imagine. The reason I know this is because I have used this system for over 2 decades in the Investment Banking Industry. I have worked for some of America's top wall-street investment banks were I have raised over 1 Billion Dollars. This system is a blueprint and model for how it is done at major wall-street firms and gives you insight and instructions on how to use the system and apply it to any business or model you want. This is Part 1 of a 4 Part series. Part 1: The Pitch teaches who, what and why the system works. Part 2: The Deal: How to structure your proposal. If you are a start-up or already making sales, this part teaches you how to structure your deal for maximum profit for you and your investors. Part 3: The Lead: How to get the Check. This part is designed to put you in touch with qualified investors, people who are ready to take your call and listen your pitch. Part 4: Managing Your New Wealth. This part will teach you how to manage your new business resources and your new wealth. This entire system will complete your journey of supplying Capital to your ideas and allow you to create wealth like never before.


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